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Welcome to the world of Kofi Ti

Hello and welcome to the world of Kofi Ti, a world build around natural raw ingredients and their authentic tastes. Sounds pretentious? Well, we are a bit. But so are you if you landed here.

We started from the passion for specialty tea and coffee, traveling and discovering new tastes, people and stories. And because we believe that in life it’s essential to do what you like, we chose to follow our passion and, in 2017, we opened the first cold brew and craft soda studio in Romania.

Since then we created an original and varied range of natural craft beverages, without any preservatives, added flavours or artificial colouring. As we value the properties of natural ingredients, all our products are processed as little as possible. 

We source our raw ingredients from small farmers and producers all over the world. We use cascara from organic farms in Latin America, kola nuts from Guinea, cinchona bark from Ecuador, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, star anise from China, clove from Madagascar, raw cane sugar from El Salvato, lavender from Romania 

Looking for some more information?

Find some great recipes using The Tonic HERE.

Discover the story of cascara HERE.

Learn more about one of the traditional drinks in Romania - the elderflower lemonade and how we reinvented it HERE.


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